Segmental Saw Blades

>  The segmental circular saw blade is made up of a CR-VA treated steel body with super high speed steel segments which are then riveted on to the body. The super high speed steel segments correspond to the following qualities: DMo5 (in Germany), M2 (USA) and SKH51 (in Japan).

> The blades are used for high performance cutting of all forms of ferrous and non-ferrous metals: billets, tube, profile, bar, rounds etc…

> The segments undergo a complicated process of heat treatment which ensures that they have a perfect uniformity of hardness , guaranteeing exceptional blade life.

> We also offer cobalt high speed steel segments for cutting under arduous conditions.

> The range of blades manufactured is from 250mm to 2015mm diameter and from 3mm to 18mm thick.

> Our blades are generally ground with a HELLER tooth form. The high teeth, called the roughing teeth have 2 side chamfers of 45 degrees; only the central part of the tooth works. The low teeth, known as the finishing teeth, are not chamfered: they work on the outside of the groove of the cut. This tooth form allows higher feeds without excessive tooth wear.

> In order to promote chip removal and to aid lubrication, we have designed side clearances and accurately ground coolant slots.

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