Bandsaw for Metal Cutting

>  With many years of experience and continual research into the highest performing products, we can offer a range of bandsaw to meet different metal cutting needs.

> Our BIMETAL bandsaw consist of a super high speed steel band welded with an electron beam onto a flexible and wear resistant chrome vanadium support. Therefore, the advantages of a precise and soft cut created by the HSS teeth are combined with the flexibility and strength of the support.

> In addition, they can be used at considerably higher speeds and feeds than carbon bandsaw due to their high resistance to wear and heat.

M2 Bimetal Bandsaw
These blades perform best when cutting construction steels and low alloy steels. They can be used to cut various shapes of metal without having to change the blade as they have a resistance to increased shocks.
These qualities make it ideal for cutting profiles, tubes and flats in easy to work materials.

AMVService M42 Bimetal Bandsaw

The use of super high speed steel with a high carbon content for the teeth makes this blade the first choice for cutting a wide range of materials: non ferrous metals, alloyed steels, steels up to 45HRC.
The intrinsic qualities of this blade: high resistance to heat and abrasion and increased blade life lead to a better cutting performance at low cost.

AMVService M51 Bimetal Bandsaw

Superior quality to M42 due to a composition made up of tungsten, carbide and cobalt, this bandsaw is used for specific applications and materials which are difficult to work: stainless steel, titanium, inconel, hastelloy, special bronzes etc…

Variable Pitches

AMVService Bimetal M2 M42 M51 Blades can be manufactured with variable pitches.
These can be used successfully:
- When cutting a variety of different sections, as frequent blade changes are avoided
- For cutting tubes, profiles, rounds or tubes in piles.

>  In general, variable pitch reduces vibration and noise levels.
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