Circular High Speed Steel Saw Blades

>  The HSS blade is a solid blade made out of super high speed steel (HSS) corresponding to DM05 quality (German), M2 quality (USA) and SKH51 quality (Japan)

> For materials which are difficult to cut we can also manufacture cobalt high speed steel blades (HSS-E) corresponding to the following qualities: EMo5 (German), M35 (USA) and SKH55 (Japan).

> Different surface treatments improve the natural qualities of our blades:

Increased resistance to wear
They stop sticking on the sides of the blade
They improve lubrication in the cutting area, and consequently increase blade life

To find out more about the different treatments see our 'News' page

> AMVService High speed steel saw blades can meet all of your cutting requirements. Our range fits all cutting machines used in France and on the internationally.

> The range is from 25mm up to 600mm diameter. We can manufacture many different tooth forms adapted to the cutting material.

Examples :

Generally used for cutting thin walled steel tubes (3 and 4mm pitch)
C or Heller forms
Generally used for cutting flat sections or thick walled tubes (greater than 4mm pitch)
BC or Chipbreaker
For cutting thin walled tubes and small profiles. Improves the quality of the cut and improves performance
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